2009 High School Mock Trial Case
A&M Records v. KC Jones 
KC Jones, the defendant, is a junior at Eagles University. Prior to college KC traveled with his/her parents and eventually anchored in Westover, where s/he became best of friends with Pat Cline. During high school KC became a DJ and delivered pizzas.  KC continued with his/her DJ business during college and is being sued by the recording industry trade association for illegally downloading and distributing music. KC claims that s/he is not guilty and suspects others of spoofing. KC Jones is not being accused of illegally downloading and distributing music by just any one. KC was identified by Ricki/y James who now works for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) only after being caught him/herself after a fluke of bad luck.

Pat Cline has been called to testify against KC.  Pat and KC were best of friends until Pat also received a letter from RIAA for downloading music illegally. Pat decided to settle for $3,000 and asked KC to pay half since Pat felt like KC downloaded some music for the DJ gigs on his/her laptop. KC denied having anything to do with downloading music and refused to pay half.  They eventually made up. In the meantime, the University banned Pat’s Internet privileges for one year with another year on probationary status, which made it difficult to do Internet research for school. Since those occurrences, KC is now being sued for the same illegal activity.  Jordan Parks is also a friend of KC Jones and will testify on KC’s behalf.

Chris Autry attends Eagles University pursuing a degree in computer science and works as a computer tech assistant for The Willow Dorm complex. Chris Autry is very confident about his/her computer skills and admits to having spoofed in the past, but that s/he doesn’t do it any more.  Chris Autry reports that s/he has worked on KC’s laptop as well as Pat Cline’s laptop in the past as they always seem to need help on their computers.  Chris helps people over the phone, goes to their dorms and even will meet students at various meeting places on campus to assist them with their computer needs.

Andie/y Gibb has been attending Eagles University for six years majoring in criminal justice and works at The Beanery Café, which is an Internet café. The café gets a lot of traffic from the students. Andie/y Gibb has been called to testify as to what was witnessed during spring break at The Beanery Café as this was a place that KC Jones, Pat Cline, and Jordan Parks were often seen together with their laptops.