Foundations of Democracy is a useful curriculum for teachers of any discipline, from librarians, guidance counselors, homeroom teachers, English/language arts, science, social studies, youth groups , school resource officers and after school programs.  The teacher determines when the curriculum is implemented, as it can be introduced any time during the school year in random one hour segments or taught as a dedicated curriculum.

Comments from teachers include:
- I have been looking for a curriculum like this for years. Thank you!
- The Foundations training was everything I needed and more.
- I have been using Foundations of Democracy, and my students love the activities.
Teachers have noted that after participating in Foundations of Democracy, students think more globally.They learn how to take leadership roles in the activities
and develop self-confidence, maturity and a better understanding of responsibility,  justice, privacy, and authority.


A three-day training is provided at no cost per attendee and includes light snacks and lunch each day and free lodging for two nights.

Free samples of the curriculum, extensive handouts and additional resources are provided at the training.

Teachers implementing Foundations of Democracy are encouraged to apply for the LRE Teacher of the Year award, which comes with a $500 recognition award.

School resource officers implementing Foundations of Democracy can apply for the LRE Citizen of the Year award,which comes with a $500recognition award.

Schools that participate in Foundations of Democracy can apply for LRE School of the Year, which offers a $2,500 award to be spent at the school's discretion.