United States v. Paul Bunyan

Federal agencies sue the big lumberjack and “Mr. Ox” to stop them from cutting down forests, making their own waterways, correcting curving highways, and generally creating a nuisance.  The Defendants (the ones being sued) are Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox argue that cutting the trees was done for public good so that people could have homes to live in and fires to keep them warm. Defendant continues to argue that the lakes and rivers he created were for fishing, wildlife and for man’s benefit. Prosecution argues that there was not much left of the forests after the Defendants were done. Prosecution argues that there was so much devastation, that they ran out of trees to take down in the woods.

The case is creatively written with fun gestures to the Defendant’s height and overall size.  The case was written for kindergarten through sixth grade to easily understand.  Glossary terms are included with the case to increase the educational component of this activity. This case was written by the Division for Public Education with the American Bar Association.


Paul Bunyan  (Pictured Above)


Babe the Blue Ox  (Not Pictured)

Defense Counsel

Billy Wiskers  (Pictured Above)

Plaintiff's Counsel



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