State of Italia v. Gepetto


Neglect is the issue on whether Pinocchio should remain with the woodcutter or have his care and education become the responsibility of the state.  Prosecution argues that this case is argued to protect children from neglect or harm citing the parent did not take proper steps to take care of his child.  Defense argues that there is more to life than food, clothing, and shelter and that is love. Additionally, Defense argues that the parent went to great measures to find Pinocchio after he was lost to point of falling victim to a shark.

The case was written for pre-school children through primary grades.  Glossary terms are included with the case to increase the educational component of this activity. This case was written by the Division for Public Education with the American Bar Association in 1998.



Blue Fairy  (Pictured Above)

Plaintiff's Counsel

Talking Cricket  (Not Pictured)

Defendant's Counsel

Gepetto  (Pictured Above)


Pinocchio  (Pictured Above)




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