Claude v. The Beast


The Prince also known as the Beast is being sued by Claude because the Prince was living under an assumed identity of a hideous beast. As a Beast, it is argued that Beauty took pity on the Beast and fell in love with the Beast even after the Beast showed his true identity as a Prince and stole Beauty’s love from Claude. The Defense argues that Beauty didn’t love Claude for what he was in the first place.

The case was written for pre-school children through primary grades.  Glossary terms are included with the case to increase the educational component of this activity. This case was written by the Division for Public Education with the American Bar Association.



Claude  (Pictured Above)


Beauty  (Pictured Above)

Plaintiff's Counsel

Marchand - Beauty's Father  (Pictured Above

Defendant's Counsel

Pierre - Claude's Friend (Pictured Above)


Beauty's Sister  (Pictured Above)


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