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Persuasion is the point of every word the actor and the lawyer speaks. A performance comes alive when the actor or lawyer connects deeply with an audience through a masterful command of evocative language, human emotion and skillful pacing … resulting in an ovation for the actor … a decisive WIN for the attorney! Presented in three sessions – webcast attendees join a workshop that offers concrete solutions to courtroom “performance” and presentation challenges.

SESSION I: Acting Like a Human Being: Demeanor and Skills in Storytelling (Opening and Closing). Attendees learn the elements of storytelling, how to create and deliver "telegrams" (ten word messages from lawyer to juror) and explore and use their own personal demeanors for sharing the client’s story in the courtroom.

SESSION II: Actor/Playwright Meets Lawyer: Inflection, Orchestration and Meter (Closing Argument). Through written and performance exercises and observation, attendees learn meter and rhythm in language and the importance of the three primary delivery inflections … falling, rising and sustaining … and how to apply them for closing argument.

SESSION III: Directing the Trial: Skills in Questioning and Controlling Focus (Direct and Cross). Attendees learn how to control the focus of the jurors and witnesses in both direct and cross examination by seeing through the eyes of the witnesses and jurors and feeling what it is like to be in those positions in the courtroom.

The program includes a live Chat Room in which attendees can discuss these communication issues with the presenters.

SPECIAL BONUS - Skills in Vocal Improvement on DVD or VOD for attendees of this program. Click here to order now!

Mandatory MCLE Credit Hours and Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility (LEPR) Credit Hours
This seminar qualifies for 3.33 MCLE Credit Hours. (Tentative)


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