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Embassy Suites, Greenville
Professionalism at the Movies
presented by the
South Carolina Bar-Continuing Legal Education Division

Live at the
Embassy Suites, Greenville

Mandatory CLE (MCLE/JCLE) and Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (LEPR) Credit Hours
Full Day credit hours: 6.0 MCLE credits, including up to 6.0 LEPR credits and 2.0 SA/MH credits. 
Half-day credit hours: 3.0 MCLE credits, including up to 3.0 LEPR credits and 1.0 SA/MH credits.

A.M. Session
Wrestling With Ethical Dilemmas: We Have Met the Enemy…
8:30 a.m.               Registration
8:50 a.m.               Welcome
9 a.m.                     Format, and Ground Rules
9:05 a.m.               Professional(s) Wrestling is Real: Juggling the Manifold Demands on Your Time & Energy
9:35 a.m.               How to Know When You May Be Outmatched: The Interplay of Stress, Mental Health, and Ethical Dilemmas
10 a.m.                 Proper Conditioning: The Role of Self-Awareness and Self Care
10:30 a.m.            Break
10:45 a.m.            Strengthening Your Core: The Importance of Working Out Your Core Values
11:15 a.m.            Tag Team Wrestling: Leveraging Your Available Resources
11:45 a.m.            Going to the Mat: Practical Steps to Maintaining Your Ethical Commitments Before You are Down for the Count
12:15 pm.             Adjourn
P.M. Session
Don’t Let the Jokers Drive You Batty!What We Can Learn from Batman about Maintaining our Sanity (and Ethics) in the Practice of Law
1:20 p.m.               Registration and Welcome               
1:30 p.m.               “Why do they call him the Joker?” 
                                Knowing the Adversary: Crazymaking Clients, Colleagues, and Counsel
2:15 p.m.               “Know your limits, Master Wayne.” 
                                Knowing Yourself: The Role of Self-Awareness and Self-Care
2:45 p.m.               “Tonight, you’re going to break your one rule.” 
                                Knowing Your Weak Spots: Expectations, Goals, and Core Values
3:15 p.m.               Break
3:30 p.m.               “Perhaps this is a man you don’t fully understand.” 
                                Knowing Your Resources: The Value of Colleagues and Counsel
4 p.m.                     “Backup.”
                                Knowing When and How to Call in the Authorities: How to Tap into the Resources of your Local and State Bar
4:25 p.m.               Knowledge in Action: Practical Steps to “Keep Your Head, When Those About You are Losing Theirs and Blaming it on You”
4:45 p.m.               Adjourn

MORNING SESSION: Wrestling With Ethical Dilemmas: We Have Met the Enemy…
This live, interactive seminar developed by Charlotte's own ReelTime CLE provides an engaging and entertaining forum for consideration of some of the common ethical and professional dilemmas faced by lawyers, and the corresponding toll they can take on an attorney's mental health and well-being. Built around a series of film clips from the critically acclaimed 2011 film Win Win, starring Paul Giamatti as a struggling attorney and high school wrestling coach, this program explores the intersection of ethical decision-making and the various sources of stress that lawyers regularly encounter. Participants will leave this program better equipped to identify and understand the various pressures they commonly face in their practices, and with practical guidance for avoiding the kinds of professional and personal missteps that can literally ruin a career.

The mix of guided discussions and instructional time is led by Chris Osborn, JD, an Assistant Professor at the Charlotte School of Law, and professional counselor/former lawyer, Michael Kahn, JD, LPC. ReelTime CLE has presented its seminars in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and New Mexico.

AFTERNOON SESSION: Don't Let the Jokers Drive You Batty: What We Can Learn from Batman About Maintaining Sanity (and Ethics) in the Practice of Law
This seminar will feature a mix of movie clips from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to explore the challenge of difficult professional relationships attorneys often face. Participants will gain valuable insights on maintaining standards of ethical behavior when encountering others who do not appear to share the same commitment.


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