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Using Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques In Emotionally Charged Situations

presented by the
South Carolina Bar-Continuing Legal Education Division
Live at the
Bar Conference Center
1501 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29202

About the Seminar
This program qualifies for 2.0 MCLE credit hours, including up to 2.0 LEPR and 2.0 SA/MH credit hours.
Although your life and work are filled with emotionally charged situations, the general notion is that there are only two ways to cope: react or suppress. Focusing on attorneys’ emotional health, this class goes beyond the general thinking about “stress management” and instead, explores how specific patterns of thinking can affect emotional states. First we will look inside the physiological connection between your brain and heart. Then, using this basic information we will explore the effect of self-talk on your ability to think clearly under pressure and how to achieve attached detachment in the midst of an argument. You will receive examples of each technique and tools for immediate integration into your professional life as a practicing attorney.
Class Outline:
  • Intro to heart-brain functioning and fight-or-flight response. This is a short segment designed to help people see the connection between psychology and physiology.
  • Four Strategies for:
             1. Detachment - based on mirror-neuron functioning
             2. Self talk - what and how we talk to ourselves under pressure
             3. Breathing techniques - why this is important and how to incorporate simple techniques into breaks in conversation
  • Self-guided meditation - ideas for lowering heart rate and stabilizing flow of thought
About the Presenter
Dr. Lisa Holland is a family therapist in private practice. Working with individuals, couples and families for more than 15 years, she’s learned that most people don’t pay attention to their emotional health until a crisis hits. Aside from her regular practice, Holland works with providers in law, medicine and business-people who are taught that to be effective they must eliminate emotion from their work. Holland focuses on helping people integrate the role of emotion into their lives and pulls from research in the areas of heart-brain physiology, mirror-neuron functioning and personal experience as the daughter of an attorney and career politician. Holland has worked at both Palmetto Health Baptist and Richland, counseling patients and their families and establishing a medical family therapy program for ongoing treatment. In 2010 she created the Heart Spa, a seminar designed to help women learn about the connection between their emotions and their hearts. The success of this event prompted Palmetto Heart Hospital to partner with her to sponsor a second Heart Spa in 2012. Holland is a partner with S.C. Collaborative Divorce Group and currently serves on the board of directors for the Family Resource Center.




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