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Professionalism at the Movies
presented by the
South Carolina Bar-Continuing Legal Education Division
LIVE at the
Charleston Marriott
170 Lockwood Blvd., Charleston

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Early bird:
$170 half day (a.m. or p.m.)
$265 full day
Regular (after Feb. 5):
$210 half day (a.m. or p.m.)
$305 full day
Credit Hours
Morning session 3.0 MCLE credit hours, including up to 3.0 LEPR credit hours and 1.0 SA/MH credit hour
Afternoon session 3.0 MCLE credit hours, including up to 3.0 LEPR credit hours
Full Day 6.0 MCLE credit hours, 6.0 LEPR credit hours and 1.0 SA/MH credit hour

About the Seminar 
Wrestling with Ethical Dilemmas: “We Have Met the Enemy…”
Do you ever feel like your to-do list is unbelievably longer than the amount of time you have available? Are there days when the demands of your practice run headlong into personal commitments that you once promised yourself (or someone else) you'd "make time" for? Perhaps you are so busy that you don't have time to stop and ask questions like this, because the next fire is already ablaze demanding your attention. Did You Know? Constant stress from over-commitment can have a significant influence on your ability to be effective for your clients and maintain your ethical obligations while doing so?
Originally developed in conjunction with Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance of North Carolina, this program is built around the critically acclaimed 2011 film Win Win. Paul Giamatti stars as Mike Flaherty, a middle-aged attorney trying to juggle the demands of a struggling law practice, his young family and the hapless high school wrestling team he coaches. We'll explore Mike's efforts to navigate the challenges he faces on all three fronts, while often well-intentioned, ultimately lead him to an ethical compromise that could have devastating consequences for his practice, his clients and the people he loves most.

Accidental Racists —and other Elephants in the Room: The Impact of Subtle Forms of Bias on Access to Justice
One of the most significant, perhaps neglected aspects of providing increased access to justice is the challenge of sustained interaction between people of different races, socioeconomic classes and cultural or religious backgrounds. The simplest encounters can often leave lawyers, paralegals, community agency workers or the clients themselves frustrated, offended or (worst of all) seriously hurt—even when everyone involved began with the best of intentions. This new workshop from ReelTime CLE explores cross-cultural interactions where less overt forms of bias can affect how we interact with those who are different from us in various ways. This program serves as a forum, taking a cue from the controversial song, “Accidental Racist,” by country music superstar Brad Paisley and hip-hop legend-turned-television actor, LL Cool J, for an honest, authentic dialogue about the ways subtler forms of bias show up, the impact they have, where they come from and what we can do to be more mindful of them. The unique ReelTime CLE format uses poignant clips from high-quality films (including 2005 Best Picture winner, Crash) as the starting point for a highly interactive discussion and opportunity for participants to collaborate in discovering practical, more effective ways of developing cross-cultural competence.    
Morning session:
Wrestling With Ethical Dilemmas: We Have Met the Enemy…
8:30 a.m.           Registration
8:50 a.m.           Welcome and opening remarks
9:00 a.m.           Format and Ground Rules
9:05 a.m.           Professional(s) Wrestling is Real: Juggling the Manifold Demands on Your Time & Energy
9:35 a.m.           Knowing When You’re Outmatched: The Interplay of Stress, Mental Health and Ethical Dilemmas
10:00 a.m.         Strengthening Your Core: The Importance of Working Out Your Core Values
10:30 a.m.         Break
10:45 a.m.         When to “Tap Out” and “When to Go to the Matt”: The Cumulative Effect of Everyday Choices
11:15 a.m.         Tag Team Wrestling: Leveraging Your Available Resources
11:45 a.m.         We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us: Practical Steps to Maintaining Your Ethical Commitments Before You are Down for the Count
12:15 p.m.         Adjourn
Afternoon session:
“Accidental Racists” -- and other Elephants in the Room: The Impact of Subtle Forms of Bias on Access to Justice
1:30      “Guilty of Judgin’ the Cover, Not the Book” -- Can Bias Really be “Eliminated”?
2:10      “But it Ain't Like I Can Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Skin” -- Understanding The Harm of Subtle Bias
2:45      Break
3:00      “Just Like You, I'm More than What You See” -- Pulling Up Bias by the Roots
3:45      “You Should Try to Get to Know Me, I Really Wish You Would” -- Constructive Engagement Regarding Cultural Differences
4:30      Walking the Elephant into the Room -- Practical and Positive Steps towards Inclusion and Cultural Humility
4:45      Adjourn


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