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Basics of Estate Planning and Probate Practice

presented by
The South Carolina Bar-Continuing Legal Education Division
Live at the
Bar Conference Center
1501 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29202
About the Seminar
The S.C. Bar CLE division is proud to present the fourth edition of a special probate and estate planning seminar designed for attorneys who want to sharpen their skills or learn a new area of practice. Course Planners Cathy Kennedy and Scott Hutto have put together a talented and experienced faculty whose goal is to impart the essential information you need to navigate this complex area of law.

The emphasis for this program is on providing high quality written materials, and interactive presentations to ensure the experienced practitioner can gain new knowledge, and the novice practitioner can gain the resources to enter this practice area.  

Whether you seek to fine-tune your probate and estate planning knowledge, or develop a brand new area of practice, this is a program you won’t want to miss!
Day 1: Estate Planning ~ Thursday, March 21
8:30 a.m.                       Registration
8:55 a.m.                       Welcome and Opening Remarks            
9:00 a.m.                        Substantive Law of South Carolina         
Intestacy, elective share, memorandum for personal property, wills construction, definitions, qualification for a valid will and witness requirements         
                                       Angela M. Kirby
10:00 a.m.                      Break
10:15 a.m.                       Initial Estate Planning Interview/ Ethical Issues        
Joint representation, multi-generational representation and competency       
Scott W. Hutto
11:15 a.m.                       Drafting Wills and Revocable Trusts    
Scott W. Hutto
12:15 p.m.                       Lunch (included)   
12:45 p.m.                       Drafting Wills and Revocable Trusts (continued)      
Scott W. Hutto
1:45 p.m.                         Drafting Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
Kathryn C. DeAngelo
2:30 p.m.                         Break
2:45 p.m.                        Non-Probate Transfers
Joint accounts, JTROS, life insurance, IRA/qualified plans and trusts    
Catherine H. Kennedy
3:30 p.m.                         Estate Planning Pitfalls
                                        Tax traps (Estate, Income, Gift and GST), coordination                                                                                         of probate and non-probate transfers and ambiguities
                                        Daniel K. Hicks
4:15 p.m.                         Estate Planning Panel Discussion                       
5:00 p.m.                         Adjourn        
Day 2: Probate ~ Friday, March 22
8:30 a.m.                          Registration
9:00 a.m.                          Ethical Considerations for the Probate Practitioner 
  Kathryn C. DeAngelo
9:45 a.m.                          Estate Administration       
  Small estates, summary administration, formal vs. informal administration,  inventory and appraisement 
                                        Catherine H. Kennedy
10:45 a.m.                        Break
11:00 a.m.                        Estate Administration       
 Creditor claims, distribution of assets, and closing the estate
 Catherine H. Kennedy
12:30 p.m.                        Lunch (included)   
1:00 p.m.                         Estate, GST and Income Tax Issues to Consider in Probate Administration        
Daniel K. Hicks
2:00 p.m.                        Break
2:15 p.m.                        Special Probate Situations           
IRAs/qualified plans, business entities, family settlements, disclaimers and sale of assets
Angela M. Kirby
3:15 p.m.                          Probate Panel Discussion
4:00 p.m.                             Adjourn

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