March 2007 Minutes

Friday, March 16, 2007
Boardroom of the Bar Building

Members Present (8):
Deborah Hottel, Chair
David Butler
Sharon Dantzler
John Fantry
Matthew Fowler
Alexander Shissias
Shirley Robinson
Chris Holmes (By Phone)

Members Absent (18):
Geoffrey Bonham
Chauntel Bland
Mary Elizabeth Crum
Bradford Cunningham
Susan Lake
Tommy Lavender, Jr.
Kelly Lowry
Eugene McLeod, III
Patricia Morrison
Mitchell Payne
Faith Rivers
James Andrew Smith
Chris Holmes (By Phone)
Mary Margaret Hyatt
Kelly Rainsford
Wendy Cartledge
Patrick Turner
Robert Tyson, Jr.

Others Present (1):
Kimberly Hamilton, Bar Staff

The Administrative and Regulatory Law Committee met at 11:30 am in the Board room of the South Carolina Bar building.

I. Ms. Hottel called the meeting to order.

II. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: By motion, second and unanimous vote, the Committee adopted the Minutes from the prior meeting held on January 5, 2007.

III. Updates:

a. Legislative Developments in Administrative Law for 2007 Session: Ms. Hottel asked Committee members to send an e-mail to her or through the listserv of any new bills of interest to the committee and she would get them posted and monitored.

Ms. Hottel reviewed two handouts with the Committee. The first was an update of the bills currently being monitored by the Committee. The second was a list of the bills introduced in the House and Senate since the last Committee meeting in January. The Committee reviewed the bills and discussed the bills of interest. Ms. Hottel would send out copies of S.150 to the Committee members after she received it. The Committee discussed H.3249 and S.199 and agreed to monitor S.453 and S.372. The Committee members discussed the pending FOIA bills (S.553, S.554, S.555, S.556 and S.557) and S.453 (the Financial Identify Fraud and Identity Theft Protection Act). These bills would be added to the list of bills monitored by the Committee. Ms. Hottel also said she would send these bills out to the Committee members for review.

b. Ms. Hottel gave the Committee a report on the CLE co-sponsored by this Committee and the Environmental Law Section of the S.C. Bar, held during the annual S. C. Bar Convention in January. The Committee decided to move forward with sponsoring a CLE at the next Bar Convention in January 2008.

IV. New Business

a. The Committee decided to plan for a Lunch & Learn to be held on May 18, 2007. The topic would be Update/Appeals to Act 387.

b. Ms. Hottel agreed to be the coordinator for the event and would apply for general CLE credit for participants. The Committee asked Ms. Hottel to contact Ms. Elizabeth Crum and invite her to speak on the most recent developments with Act 387.

c. The Committee agreed that having more coordination with SCAARLA would be beneficial to both organizations. Ms. Hottel was to present the idea to the SCAARLA Board at the Board’s next meeting. The Committee agreed to invite members of SCAARLA to the upcoming Lunch & Learn.

d. Act 387: The Committee agreed to form a subcommittee that would work with Representative Hagood on producing a bill to amend Act 387. Ms Hottel asked for volunteers to schedule the meeting and to head the meeting. Mr. Shissias agreed to make contacts and schedule meetings and Ms. Dantzler agreed to assist. Ms. Hottel would contact others from SCAARLA, DHEC, and the Administrative Law Court who might be interested in attending the meeting. The Committee decided to hold the meeting on April 13, 2007, in the Bar’s Boardroom as it was already scheduled for use by this Committee. The goal was to have a bill ready to present for the next Session.

V. Old Business – There was no old business.

VI. Next Meetings:

a. Ms. Hottel reported that the Lunch & Learn on May 18, 2007, would serve as the next meeting date and she would send out notices to that effect.

VII. Adjournment: There being no other business, Ms. Hottel thanked the members for their participation and adjourned the meeting.